Monday, September 26, 2011

quick sale!

For the next 2 weeks my Holiday Vinyl Package is for sale! This is the same package that Sue just won (don't peek, Sue! I just sent out your package today)! Here is what it will include:

Green Christmas tree + Personalized Santa letter = to make a 'Dear Santa Plate'! This will come 6.5 in x 7 in to fit a Charger! The above is Sue's finished Plate....however, the package is Vinyl Only (what? she was the winner!)

7 trees for a Christmas Tree Lane! It will measure a total of 21 inches wide x 9 inches tall. I placed my Christmas Trees right about my sofa table last year and loved them to pieces! However, the trees will arrive separately, giving you a chance to place them wherever your heart desires!

2 chocolate brown pumpkins! They will measure 6 inches tall x 10 inches wide, each. Place your pumpkin directly on a tile, glass frame, or your front door to help welcome Fall!

1 fancy Silent Night! It will measure 7 inches tall x 7 inches wide! This is a filler piece; meaning the opportunities are endless! I would find a perfect block of wood, paint and sand it, and then stick this right with my nativities!

1 fancy Joy! Also measuring 7 inches x 7 inches! This is white as well (don't let the picture fool you). Would this look darling right next to a Christmas wreath, directly on the wall?

3 Halloween fillers! Put these cute babies directly on your messing pumpkin guts this year :). The total measurement is 4.4 inches tall x 12 inches wide.

1 wordy Christmas Tree: measures 8 inches wide x 12 inches tall and beige vinyl. A customer gave me this darling idea and I could hardly wait to design it! This is what my neighbors will be getting this year (shhh! Don't tell!). Again, the package is vinyl only! However, it was super easy to paint this wood and apply this darling piece! A few favorite for sure!

T is for Thanks: This was quite the popular plate last year! The beige vinyl will measure 8 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall! I do love the plate; however, I think a frame w/ some fun fallish scrapbook paper in the back would be perfect!

So- that's it! Over 8 vinyl designs, a variety of Holidays, a variety of colors and sizes & some great ideas to get you started this holiday season...all for $30 w/out shipping (said in my best infomercial voice)! In an attempt to keep the end of October- December open or the annual Christmas rush- this sale will end October 10th! Please email asap at!

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