Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Readers,
Is there any chance you could still be out there? It may seem like I abandoned you, left you to finish your own craftiness alone; however, I have some GOOD excuses.....really, they're pretty good! First, you are were all so loyal over the holidays that I was quite the vinyl elf through the end of December. January came and I promised my little fingers that I would let them rest one WHOLE month! Well, during that magical month of January a little something else decided to require my rest & it continued to demand my rest through March! Have you guessed what this little rest hog might be? You're right! A BABY! We're beyond thrilled to bring another baby our way; however, my body was not thrilled for the first 3 months & continues to somewhat struggle with the idea of having this baby :). That's a pretty good excuse for such a break though, right?

I hope that soothes your feelings of vinyl loneliness. If not, let me bribe your love with one adorable idea for Mother's Day! (a super THANKS goes to Kristin for the pot, so sweet of her) We planted our seeds last weekend and watch every morning for something so peak through. However, you could start with a plant in your pot- giving immediate satisfaction! I spray painted the pot blue, but the options are endless! Let your cute kiddos paint it for Grandma, do hand prints, or do your own unique design!
The saying, 'Mother, all flowers remind me of you!' comes from my favorite favorite Primary Song. It is sang often in our home! Please continue to return for more Mother's Day, Graduation, Wedding, & home decor ideas! We're back in business around here! Remember to place orders through my email;