Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yeah for Moms!

Even though my gifts of my mom's don't include vinyl this year (gasp), I still wanted to share some ideas for your beautiful mamas!

*Flower Pot*

Plant their favorite flower and let them know how much you love them!

*A Monogram*

Put it on a tile, on wood, a frame, or she can place it directly on her wall

*Laundry Room*

Help spice up the room that all moms spend way too much time in with a little decor!

*Kitchen Labels*

Perfect for those huge flour/sugar containers

*To Do/To Shop*

I cannot survive without my to-do board. However, I wish my to shop list was that short this week!

*Baking Pans*

Did you know they are magnetic? The possibilities are endless!


Aren't mom's homes the most welcoming? This tile adds the perfect touch!

*Family Recipes*

Display your mom's favorite recipes! They are perfect in kitchens and make it easier to use more often!

*Recipe Block*

Easy holder for your favorite recipes!

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