Sunday, November 7, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude!

Thanksgiving Plates

I have sure needed the reminder this fall. Plus, who doesn't love a beautiful large plate to decorate with? Choose between the two designs- each plate is $10!

Please email me at to place your order.

Don't forget Christmas is right around the corner. Please place orders early to guarantee time to arrive before the big day! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We're about DUE for an update!

Baby time is coming super super soon! However, we have had a crazy busy month & totally neglected the nursery (forget about the other 8 months we had to prepare)! My wonderful handy hubby & I got ourselves busy and finally did the nursery! It's amazing what a little paint, wood, and VINYL can do!
Check out our before:

(It's a pretty sad 'before' shot! Check out the super safe wire hanging down, I'm an awesome mom.)

Here are our afters:

I am so happy with how it turned out. My husband put up the bead board & square in no time! I had ordered a dark brown crib, but they shipped me a white one. Since we've put everything off for so long- I figured I would just settle for the white one. However, now that's it's done, I don't feel like I settled at all. My dark brown bumper should be coming soon & that will help separate the whites just perfectly!

When I was about 6 months pregnant, I laid awake all night planning my nursery! I am in love with the owl. Also, check out our cute little bird family above the square! We painted the stripes the same color, just different glosses to add more depth.

To the left of the owl I will put up our baby's of right now, she's nameless- so sad!

If you have read my blog at all before, you know I am an avid garage saler! I bought the shelf for 50 cents and gave it a good chocolate brown face-lift! I then put my little baby block together today! Sure love having a vinyl machine laying around.

My sweet mom brought down a dresser for us to use for the baby's room...all to realize just how small our nursery really is! Thank heavens our home has the built in closet organizers. The other half the closet if full of diapers, wipes, bottles, ect! Also, thank heavens for my wonderful sis-in-law that give us lots of newborn girl clothes.

(We had forgot what a puker our second child was until we opened our box of newborn clothes to find a box of yellow clothes...nasty.)

I plan on spending lots of time in this comfy chair- snuggling my sweet baby & trying to keep at least one eye opened!

I will still be taking vinyl orders, especially with the Holidays around the corner! However, I plan on taking this month off! Feel free to place orders now- as I will work on them in the order I receive them (said in my 'robotic phone voice')!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

go grow go

My good friend, Melissa (shout out), gave me this great idea of a Growth Chart! After finally painting our hallway, I was dying to get it up! Check it out! It was super easy and jazzed up our boring little hallway space in a flash!

Remember- baby time is around the corner! I am taking orders through August. After that I will need some time to do a whole lot of smooching, cuddling, rocking, and lovin'!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Here's a fun way to combine summer + school! The girls each picked out their own balls. We made Bostyn's a 'Sight Word Ball' and Kams an 'Alphabet Ball'! They LOVE them! Rules: You have to read the words/letters that your thumbs land on when you catch the ball! For Bostyn: if she lands on her own name then she gets to choose 2 sight words to read :). For Kams: if she lands on her letter (k), then she gets to choose 2 letters to say! They think it's fabulous! The vinyl stands out better than the marker, but I was way too lazy to cut all of those words in vinyl! This fall I will be doing a color ball (with vinyl polka-dots) and a shape ball for Kams at-home preschool! Happy Learning!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July!

With the wonderful sun finally coming through, no one is quite ready to think of Christmas yet! However, I AM! Our baby is getting bigger and bigger each day- which is a constant reminder of just how close September is (and it better be close)! With September comes SUPER SATURDAY orders! I am opening the Super Saturday Season NOW to guarantee you will have your vinyl; because once my hands are full of squishy baby goodness I just can't think of much else! So start your shopping EARLY! need ideas? email me- I have oodles and can't wait to share!


They seem to be quite HOT right now! With wedding season in full swing, don't hesitate to make your new couple their own monogram! Stick them on frames, wood blocks, plates, & tiles!

Vinyl fillers

Have a few spots in your house that your just not quite sure what to do with? Vinyl is a great filler! Take this adorable frame, for example. I was kind of lost as to what to put in the middle. Then I shuffled through a few vinyl designs and found the perfect one! Easy, cute, and just a touch fancy :).

My sweet sister made me a clock long ago- I loved it from day one. However, our many moves were just a little too hard on it & it ended up scratched and dinged. So I revamped it with a fabric cover and some vinyl for the numbers! We're in love again! I've added a little something around it and will post soon! Happy Vinyl to you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Readers,
Is there any chance you could still be out there? It may seem like I abandoned you, left you to finish your own craftiness alone; however, I have some GOOD excuses.....really, they're pretty good! First, you are were all so loyal over the holidays that I was quite the vinyl elf through the end of December. January came and I promised my little fingers that I would let them rest one WHOLE month! Well, during that magical month of January a little something else decided to require my rest & it continued to demand my rest through March! Have you guessed what this little rest hog might be? You're right! A BABY! We're beyond thrilled to bring another baby our way; however, my body was not thrilled for the first 3 months & continues to somewhat struggle with the idea of having this baby :). That's a pretty good excuse for such a break though, right?

I hope that soothes your feelings of vinyl loneliness. If not, let me bribe your love with one adorable idea for Mother's Day! (a super THANKS goes to Kristin for the pot, so sweet of her) We planted our seeds last weekend and watch every morning for something so peak through. However, you could start with a plant in your pot- giving immediate satisfaction! I spray painted the pot blue, but the options are endless! Let your cute kiddos paint it for Grandma, do hand prints, or do your own unique design!
The saying, 'Mother, all flowers remind me of you!' comes from my favorite favorite Primary Song. It is sang often in our home! Please continue to return for more Mother's Day, Graduation, Wedding, & home decor ideas! We're back in business around here! Remember to place orders through my email;