Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Here's a fun way to combine summer + school! The girls each picked out their own balls. We made Bostyn's a 'Sight Word Ball' and Kams an 'Alphabet Ball'! They LOVE them! Rules: You have to read the words/letters that your thumbs land on when you catch the ball! For Bostyn: if she lands on her own name then she gets to choose 2 sight words to read :). For Kams: if she lands on her letter (k), then she gets to choose 2 letters to say! They think it's fabulous! The vinyl stands out better than the marker, but I was way too lazy to cut all of those words in vinyl! This fall I will be doing a color ball (with vinyl polka-dots) and a shape ball for Kams at-home preschool! Happy Learning!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July!

With the wonderful sun finally coming through, no one is quite ready to think of Christmas yet! However, I AM! Our baby is getting bigger and bigger each day- which is a constant reminder of just how close September is (and it better be close)! With September comes SUPER SATURDAY orders! I am opening the Super Saturday Season NOW to guarantee you will have your vinyl; because once my hands are full of squishy baby goodness I just can't think of much else! So start your shopping EARLY! need ideas? email me- I have oodles and can't wait to share!


They seem to be quite HOT right now! With wedding season in full swing, don't hesitate to make your new couple their own monogram! Stick them on frames, wood blocks, plates, & tiles!

Vinyl fillers

Have a few spots in your house that your just not quite sure what to do with? Vinyl is a great filler! Take this adorable frame, for example. I was kind of lost as to what to put in the middle. Then I shuffled through a few vinyl designs and found the perfect one! Easy, cute, and just a touch fancy :).

My sweet sister made me a clock long ago- I loved it from day one. However, our many moves were just a little too hard on it & it ended up scratched and dinged. So I revamped it with a fabric cover and some vinyl for the numbers! We're in love again! I've added a little something around it and will post soon! Happy Vinyl to you!