Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Winner!

And the winner of the mini-board is....
Michelle S.
from Smitty n' Chelle
Congrats! Email me your address so I can send your prize on it's way!
Thanks for the entries- continue to check out the site.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Showers brings GIVEAWAYS!

Happy April GIVEAWAY! I am cuddled up with my little one, under a warm cozy blanket on the second day of April. Does Mother Nature have a sense of humor or what? However, the plus side of this bitterly cold weather is that I've stayed indoors and finished some projects! Which brings me to this month's giveaway:

I have loved having this very classy version of a white board to keep me organized. I am loving it so much that I made a 'mini' version for the giveaway! If you are like me, than you often lay in bed thinking of all of your 'to-do's' that you need to add to your list. I hate this nightly ritual. By the time my brain remembers all of the things I need to do the next day, I am so warm and comfy in my big bed that I refuse to crawl out into the cold to write them down! This mini glass board is the answer to our problems. Just keep it (and a dry-erase marker) by your bed & you will be more productive than ever! However, I must admit I was also tempted to cut 'love notes' in vinyl with the plan of leaving it on my husband's side of the bed. That way I could write him sweet nothings every night.....it's the thought that counts, right?
Rule: For a chance to win the mini board leave me a comment or email me at cottagequotes@yahoo.com and consider yourself entered! Even if you have won in the past, feel free to enter again :)!

P.S. Cottage Quotes needs your help! If you have any pictures of finished vinyl projects where we have supplied the vinyl would you please email them to me. We would LOVE to post the talents of our customers!

Directions for Glass dry-erase Board
*I found my picture frame (11x15) at Wal*Mart, of course! I also scored the fabric there as well. I bought 1/2 yard, which was plenty! Try to choose a fabric that has a soft,light pattern so your list won't be hard to read.
*There are two ways to apply the fabric:

-I chose to hot glue the fabric to the matt that came with the frame. I then placed blank white sheets of computer paper between the matt and fabric so the outline of the matt wouldn't be visible. Replace matt and put backing on...wa-la!

-For the smaller board I hot glued fabric directly on the backing. I then placed it on my sewing matt and used an exact-o knife to cut excess off! wa-la!

-treat as a dry-erase board; using dry cloth to wipe!