Wednesday, October 21, 2009

count your many blessings with the Gratitude Jar.

Even though my mind has been racing with Christmas crafts- I just can't get too ahead of myself. So let's begin with Thanksgiving! My mom-in-law has a Christmas tradition where we each write down some of our many blessing and put them in the jar/basket/bowl. We love the reminder of how richly blessed we have been & love the tradition; however, I figured it is just as well suited for Thanksgiving. So the 'Gratitude Jar' is dedicated to my mom-in-law!

I attached the paper with a metal ring- so there would be NO excuses for not writing your blessings (ahem....boys of the family).

The 'GIVING THANKS' design is available for sizes 6x6 ($4) and larger. I have a few plans to stick this adorable design on some tiles and small plates! Place your order for the "GIVING THANKS' design by OCTOBER 31st and receive $1 OFF (making a 6x6 only $3). Prices are for vinyl only. A finished 'Gratitude Jar' costs $10 (plus shipping) . If ordered by OCTOBER 31st the cost is $8 (plus shipping)! Email me at for orders!

My mother also had a fun way of helping us remember our blessings during this fall season. My next craft will be dedicated to her! Also, I have some adorable NEW pumpkins to share- so STAY TUNED!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Introducing my new 'Christmas List'.....oh, and of course- the giveaway winner!

The long over-due winner of my giveaway is:
Tiffany Hanson
Hooray Hooray Hooray
(email me at to claim your prize)
And now to take care of some 'BUSINESS'! I am closing my giveaways for the rest of 2009; but don't cry yet. I am OPENING my new line called 'Christmas List'. The holidays are in the air- I can almost smell them & with this being my most favorite time of year, I need some more time to dedicate my crafts to them. My hands have been itching to get some holiday decorating done.
We'll kick off our 'Christmas List' (which will also include Thanksgiving....what? being grateful can be on my Christmas list, right?) by spotlighting some vinyl holiday decor ideas! Soon we'll follow with Christmas GIFT ideas....I'm getting jollier just typing it! I have lots in store for this upcoming season so make sure to check the blog often.
Make sure to get your holiday orders in SOON (they tend to pile up fast) and come December 1st my elf work shop will be closed :).